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  • Signal Range up to 2km
  • FreeFlight 3 App available on Apple Store & Google Play Store
  • Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080p (30fps)
  • Photo Resolution: 4096 x 3072p
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • Max Horizontal Speed: 16m/s
  • Max Vertical Speed: 6m/s
  • 25 Minutes of Flight Time with 2700 mAh battery
  •  Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • 550 mAh - 3.7 V - 2 Wh
  •  Maximum load of 2.6 A
  • Charging time of 25 mins with minidrones connected directly to a 2.6 A compatible charger (except for Parrot Jumping Sumo and Rolling Spider)
  • Compatible with the Jumping Sumo, Night, and Race, the Airborne Cargo and Night, the Hydrofoil and the Rolling Spider minidrones.
  • Plastic
  • The Parrot Bebop 2 Charger ensures optimal battery charging.
  • Charging time approximately 1 hr per battery
  • Fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge
  • Bebop 2 Power FPV Pack is the latest evolution of the Bebop family
  • Change your point of view with the Parrot Cockpit glasses (included immersive FPV goggles)
  • Bebop 2 Power FPV Pack is easy and safe to pilot from a smartphone, tablet, or the Parrot Sky controller 2 (included controller)
  • Includes Follow Me to capture your best moments with high precision
  • The Free Flight Pro app expands your options to capture your best moments.Operating System: iOS 8 or later
  • Black hulls for Parrot Mambo
  • The Parrot Mambo's hulls protect it against side impacts, particularly inside.
  • Equipped with its hulls, your Parrot Mambo can go off on adventures risk-free!
  • Delivered in 2 parts.
  • One accessory for each adventure: CANNON (Shoot miniature balls up to 6ft away); GRABBER (Catch, carry and release cargo up to 4g)
  • High-tech sensors work to provide optimal stability
  • Do fun acrobatics such as flips and barrel rolls
  • Control your Mini Drone upto 20m using smartphone and upto 65m uaing parrot flypad controller
  • This smartphone holder attaches to your Flypad and allows you to fly with complete peace of mind. You don't have to worry about holding it in your hand.
  • 4-motor kit
  • The motors were specially designed for the Parrot Bebop 2 to guarantee optimal performance and a long life.
  • They are brushless rotating cage motors, designed specifically to operate with Bebop 2 propellers. Their rotation speed is 7,500 rpm in run-up and can reach over 12,000 rpm.
  • This kit also includes 3 screws per motor + 2 screws for the motor PCB.
  • Parrot offers a repair kit that takes into account the flight experiences of drone pilots. The brushless cages can therefore be easily disassembled and are available separately.
  • This kit contains 2 motor cages (clockwise and anticlockwise) and their 2 associated circlip attachment systems, designed for the Parrot Bebop 2.
  • 4 x Parrot Mambo and Swing Propellers
  • 2 black propellers 2 white propellers - 2 in C mode / 2 in A mode for Parrot Mambo and Parrot Swing
  • These plastic propellers were designed especially for Parrot Mambo and Parrot Swing. They were developed to minimise the motors' power consumption while still providing maximum thrust.
  • 2 types of propeller are supplied and an inscription identifies them as "C" or "A". The “C” propellers turn in a clockwise direction, whereas the “A” propellers turn anticlockwise. They must be fitted alternately, as follows: Front Left and Rear Right: "C", Front Right and Rear Left: "A". With this set of propellers, head off now on your adventures!
  • 4K HDR videos and 21MP photos
  • Unique 180 Degree vertical tilt gimbal, ideal for low-angle shots
  • USB-C smart battery for a 25 minute flight time
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight carbon frame, drone unfolds in less than 3 seconds
  • Comes complete with a foldable controller, Parrot Skycontroller 3
  • 1 year warranty